The Sailrite Fabric Calculator

Folded Over Foam Cushions

Unit of Measurement inches mm
A. Finished Width (?)
Width of finished cushion. Foam should be oversized -- 1% (1/2 inch (13 mm) minimum) larger than the finished size on length and width.
B. Finished Length (?)
Length of the finished cushion. Cut foam oversized -- 1% (1/2 inch (13 mm) minimum) larger than the finished cushion on width and length.
C. Thickness (?)
Thickness of cushion foam.
Quantity (?)
Total number of cushions needed with these dimensions.
Fabric Width (?)
Actual width of fabric (often 46, 54, or 60 inches -- 1168, 1372, and 1524 mm)
Cushion Style: Fabric Bottom Platform
Orientation--Cushion length on fabric: Length Width
Key Dimensions: The top plate (with facing) will be {{data.widthFinal}} {{data.UofM}} wide and {{data.lengthFinal}} {{data.UofM}} long. {{data.numOfPlates}} {{data.plates}}.
Cut corner notches {{data.cornerNotch}} {{data.UofM}} deep.
Foam width = {{data.foamWidth}} {{data.UofM}}.
Foam length = {{data.foamLength}} {{data.UofM}} .
Seam allowances = {{data.edgeAllowance}} {{data.UofM}} .
Bottom plate or platform = {{data.width}} x {{data.length}} {{data.UofM}} .
Centering margin = {{data.centering}} {{data.UofM}} -- separation offset = {{data.horizontalSeparation}}.

Boxing width = {{data.boxingWidth}} {{data.UofM}} -- minimum length = {{data.boxingLength}}. Plaque width = {{data.plaque}} {{data.UofM}} -- minimum length = {{data.plaqueLength}}.

List of Materials: Decorative fabric required {{data.rollLength}} {{data.UofM}} or {{data.yards}} yards.
Cushion underlining {{data.width}} x {{data.length}} {{data.UofM}} (or a platform to these dimensions).
High density polyurethane foam.
1/4 inch Seamstick for canvas (Item #104167) {{data.seamStick}} roll.
V-46 or V-69 Thread from Sailrite.
#5 Vislon zipper for underlining (Item #28218 or #100029)
#5 non-locking pull for underlining (Item #103178 or #103179)

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