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Screen Porch Roll-Up Clear Vinyl Enclosure Panels

Enter Desired Finished Panel Size:
A.   Finished Width (?)
This entry is the finished width of the curtain from edge to edge. The maximum width that will roll nicely and fasten securely is 110 inches. If a larger width is entered, the app will reduce it to 110 inches. The curtain’s edge should extend at least 7/8 inch on each side to overlap the screen framing. If multiple curtains are side by side leave at least 1 inch gap between adjacent curtains. The sides of the curtain will be secured with a twist lock fastener which must be installed in a solid surface, usually in the mullion (vertical separator) of the opening. The twist lock fastener will require at least 7/8 inch of surface area to be installed. If your mullion is smaller than 2-¾ inches, which accommodates two curtains, (7/8” + 1” + 7/8” = 2-¾”) use the Extension Plate for Twist Lock Fasteners Item #123763 from Sailrite. These plates will allow the twist lock fastener to work with side-by-side panels with a mullion that is less than 2-¾ inches, but even with the plates, side-by-side panels require at least 1-¼ inches of mullion.
B.   Finished Length (?)
This entry is the finished length of curtain from the top of the awning track’s flanged edge to the bottom edge of the curtain, where the PVC rod is inserted. We recommend the bottom edge of the curtain overhangs the bottom framing of the screen window by at least 1 inch. Keep in mind that when the curtain is rolled all the way up the roll will hang down 6 or more inches, depending on the overall length of the cutrain. Because of that fact installing the awning track higher up on your screen’s framing or siding is often preferred. The awning track at the top of the curtain will require a solid surface (framing/siding) of at least 1-¼ inches to secure the track down with screws.
Calculated Fields
C.  Top Vinyl Fabric Length (?)
The default length of this vinyl fabric can be overridden to adjust the window height when accompanied by change in the bottom vinyl fabric panel length. The default is intended to be enough to completely wrap the rolled assembly and protect the clear vinyl from the sun, but this is not absolutely necessary. A minimum length of 2 inches is required to finish the top of the panel. The software automatically adds for hem allowance in the panel rendition below, 1.63” in total. This is for a 1” hem at the top and 1” bottom hem. The awning rope will add about 0.37” to the overall length.
D.  Clear Vinyl Window Length (?)
Intended length of clear window panel. Modify the default to provide the desired field of view. Note that, by changing the length of the top and bottom sections, this clear section can be moved up and down. If the panel is more than 54 inches wide, the maximum length here will be just 54 inches (the clear vinyl length will run from side to side on the panel and the vinyl sheets are only 54 x 110 inches).

E.   Bottom Vinyl Fabric Length (?)
Adjust the window location, if desired, by changing the height of this bottom vinyl fabric panel and those above. A minimum length of 3 inches is required. The software automatically adds for a hem allowance and sleeve allowance in the panel rendition below, 6.75 inches in total. This is for a 1” hem at the top and 5.75” for a sleeve at the bottom for the 1 ¼” PVC pipe.
Adjustment Required (?)
The above calculated fields must equal the finished length of the enclosure panel. The amount shown here in red is what is required in one or more of the three fields to equal that amount. Your goal for this red number is to be “0".

{{data.LengthTotal}} inches
Panel Rendition Color

Key Dimensions: Finished panel sizes:

(All Top Segments -- Create a 1-inch single hem on top and bottom.)

(All Bottom Segments -- Create a 1-inch single hem along the top edge and mark the fabric 7 ½” from the bottom edge for PVC pipe sleeve fabrication.)

(Create a ½ inch single hem along both long edges.)

List of Materials :
Weblon Regatta® 62" Vinyl Fabric = {{data.yardage}} yards (rounded up)

Crystal Clear 30 Gauge Vinyl Window Material 54" x 110" quantity = {{data.ClearCount}} Sheet(s):

Seamstick 3/8" Basting Tape for Sailmaking and Vinyl = {{data.Seamstick}} roll(s).

V-92 Polyester or Lifetime Thread = at least 1 - 4 oz. Cone.

Awning Track Flanged White or Black:

Keder Awning Rope White 5/16" or Black = {{data.AwningRope}} feet.

Single Block With Swivel Shackle (Stainless Steel) = {{(data.CountCushions * 3) + data.ExtraHardware}} each.

DOT® Twist-Lock Fastener 2 Screw Stud Cloth-to-Surface Set = {{data.Fasteners}} sets.

Leech Line Cord (5/32) = {{data.LeechLine}} feet.

Flagpole Cleat 4-1/2" (Stainless Steel) = {{data.CountCushions}} each.

Phillips Oval Head Tapping Screw #10 x 1" (Stainless Steel) = {{data.CountCushions * 2}} each.

NOTE: Only required if mullion (vertical separator between screen windows) is less than 2 ¾” wide. Extension Plate for Twist Lock Fasteners = {{data.Fasteners}} each (Also required are 2 each of DOT® Snap Fastener & Pull-The-DOT® Eyelet 1/4" (Nickel-Plated Brass) ).

1/2 in. Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (from hardware store) = {{4 * data.CountCushions}} inches.

1-1/4 in. Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (from hardware store):

¼” x 3” Lag Screws (from hardware store) = {{(3 * data.CountCushions) + data.ExtraHardware}} each.

3/8 in.-16 Hex Nuts (from hardware store) = {{(6 * data.CountCushions) + (2 * data.ExtraHardware)}} each.

3/8 in. Flat Washer (suggested specs: OD 1” ID 3/8” Thickness 5/64”) (from hardware store) = {{(6 * data.CountCushions) + (data.ExtraHardware * 2)}} each.

#8 x 1” Washer-Head Wood Screws (from hardware store) = {{data.WasherHead}} each.

1 ¼” Furniture Grade PVC Internal Dome Cap (from hardware store) = {{2 * data.CountCushions}} each.

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