The Sailrite Fabric Calculator

(Fabric Replacement)

Unit of Measurement inches mm
A. Width (?)
Width of sling fabric from sling rail channel to sling rail channel (measuring along/parallel to the hemmed edge).
B. Length (Corded edge) (?)
Length of finished sling fabric from hemmed edge to hemmed edge (measuring along/parallel to the corded edge).
C. Sleeve Size (?)
The end cap will have to be removed to get this measurement (see video for more information at 7:00 minutes). This is a measurement from the sling rail’s top edge to the lower edge of the sleeve (the sleeve holds the spline cording). NOTE: Typically, 0.31 (5/16”) is standard. Measure only one side, do not add the opposite side.

If your chair contains two different sleeve sizes (which is uncommon), add the two sides together and divide that total by 2 and enter the result.
Quantity (?)
Total number of slings needed with these dimensions.
Fabric Width (?)
Actual Width of the Fabric Selected (often 54”).
Orientation: (?)
This will flip the sling panels orientation from running length to the width of the fabric or vise versa. Typically the sling panels run along the length, as stripes or patterns usually run down the length of the fabric.
Length Width
Key Dimensions: {{data.requiredPanelsText}}.
Cut size of fabric = {{data.widthFinal}} {{data.UofM}} x {{data.lengthFinal}} {{data.UofM}}.
Finished size of fabric = {{data.widthFinal - 4}} {{data.UofM}} x {{data.lengthFinal - 2}} {{data.UofM}}.
Centering margin = {{data.centering}} {{data.UofM}} (?)
If your fabric has a pattern or stripes the centering margin amount may help you center the cut panels along the fabric’s pattern or stripes.
Boxing width = {{data.boxingWidth}} {{data.UofM}} -- minimum length = {{data.boxingLength}}.an Plaque width = {{data.plaque}} {{data.UofM}} -- minimum length = {{data.plaqueLength}}.

List of Materials: Sling Chair Fabric = {{data.yards}} yards.
Sling Chair Spline Cording = {{data.quantity * data.lengthFinal * 2 + 4}} {{data.UofM}}.
V-69 or V-92 Polyester Thread or Sailrite Lifetime (PTFE) Thread.

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