The Sailrite Fabric Calculator

Slide-on Wire Hung Canopies

Unit of Measurement inches mm
Structure Width (fixed coverage) (?)
Intended width of the finished canopy. The canopy is fixed in its dimension across this distance -- it will not fold in this direction. Measure from what will be the fabric outside edge on the nearest panel to what will be the fabric outside edge on the farthest panel.
Structure Length (adjustable coverage)(?)
Intended length of the finished canopy. The canopy panels will fold to one side on this dimension. Measure from wire suspension hardware on one end of each panel to the opposite hardware set.
Fabric Width (?)
Useable width of fabric (often 46, 54, or 60 inches -- 1168, 1372, and 1524 mm)
Canopy Panel Length Too Great: The adjustable coverage length entered above may result in too much sag. This canopy would benefit from segmentation (create two or more shorter segments). We recommend adjustable coverage length of no more than forty feet or so (about 12200 mm) with fewer than 20 collapsing spans.
Canopy Panel Dimensions: There will be {{data.numOfCanopies}} canopy panels.
Each canopy panel will be {{data.widthOfCanopies}} {{data.UofM}} wide.
Each panel will have {{data.numOfSpans |number:0}} spans.
Each span will be {{data.eachSpanFold}} {{data.UofM}} (from sleeve fold to sleeve fold).
Create pipe sleeves by sewing {{rnd(data.sleeveAllowance/2)}} {{data.UofM}} from folds.
Add {{rnd(data.endSleeveAllowance)}} {{data.UofM}} sleeve allowance at each end.
Panel length with sleeve allowances = {{rnd(data.panelLength)}} {{data.UofM}}.
Cut fabric length (includes an extra 6 inch safety factor) {{rnd(data.safeLength)}} {{data.UofM}}.

List of Materials:Fabric from Sailrite = {{data.totalPanelLength |number:2}} yards.
Seamstick for canvas (SKU: 129) = {{data.seamStick}} roll.
Fixed Eye Snap Hooks (SKU: 122746) = {{(data.numOfSpans + 1) * 2 * (data.numOfCanopies)}} each.
Strap Eye (SKU: 122764) = {{(((data.numOfSpans + 1) * 2) + 1) * data.numOfCanopies}} each.
Eye bolt with nut and washers (SKU: 122752) or (Lag Screw Eye Bolt) = {{data.numOfCanopies * 4}} each.
Turnbuckles, Eye & Eye with Nut (SKU: 121163) = {{data.numOfCanopies}} each.
Wire Rope (7x7) 1/8 inch (SKU: 122699) or (SKU: 122698) = {{data.wireRope}} feet.
Nicopress Sleeves (SKU: 123465) or (Wire Rope Clamps) =  {{ data.numOfCanopies * 2 }} each
Thread from Sailrite -- (Polyester or PTFE).
sp 1/2 inch EMT Pipe cut to {{data.widthOfCanopies}} {{data.UofM}} (from local hardware store) = {{(data.numOfSpans + 1) * data.numOfCanopies}} pipe lengths.
#8 x 1/2 inch hex head self drilling screws (from local hardware store) = {{((data.numOfSpans + 3) * 4) * data.numOfCanopies}} each.

List of Materials for Optional Pulley Open/Close System: Harken 082 Bullet Block Single (SKU: 123082) or Harken® 224 Micro Block Single (SKU: 224100) = {{data.numOfCanopies}} each.
Harken 226 Micro Block Double (SKU: 120387) = {{data.numOfCanopies + data.panelSets}} each.
Harken 092 Cheek Bullet Block (SKU: 123092) = {{data.panelSets}} each.
Harken 471 Micro Cabo-Cam Cleat (SKU: 423100) = {{data.panelSets}} each.
Strap Eye (SKU: 122764) = {{(data.numOfCanopies * 2) + data.panelSets}} each.
Leech Line Dacron 1/8 inch Black (SKU: 212114) = {{data.leechLine}} feet.
#8 x 3/4 inch SS pan head screw (from local hardware store) {{(data.numOfCanopies * 4) + (data.panelSets * 4)}} each.
#8 x 1-1/4 inch SS pan head screw (from local hardware store) {{(data.panelSets * 2)}} each.

List of Materials for Optional Webbing Strap System: Webbing Polyester 1" Black (SKU: 103416) = {{(data.numOfCanopies * 5)}} feet.
D-Ring #0 Stainless Steel (SKU: 485) = {{(data.numOfCanopies * 2)}} each.
Fender (Lacing) Hook (SKU: 100648) = {{(data.numOfCanopies * 2)}} each.
#8 x 1/2 inch SS pan head screw (from local hardware store) = {{(data.numOfCanopies * 4)}} each.

Tools List: Wire Rope Crimping Tool for Oval Sleeves (tool used for crimping Nicopress Sleeves, not required if Wire Rope Clamps are used) (SKU: 123468).
Hole Cutter 1/8 inch (SKU: 121386).
Sailrite Cutting Pad & Die Holder (SKU: 121597).
Sailrite Canvas Patterning Ruler (SKU: 107040).
Sailrite Deluxe 5-1/2 inch Sewing Guide (SKU: 103597).
#2 Spur Grommet Die Set (SKU: 18203) (not required for Phifertex or Soltis 86 fabric).
#2 Hole Cutter (SKU: 125481) (not required for Phifertex or Soltis 86 fabric).

Common Household Tools: Sewing Machine, Ladder, Tape Measure, Pencil, Marker, Yardstick, L-Square, Stapler, Drill & Bits (1/8 inch & 5/16 inch), 1/4 inch Socket Driver, Wrench, Screw Driver, Hammer, Needle Nose Pliers, Hacksaw, Scissors, Metal File, Dremel Tool & Cutting Wheel or Heavy Duty Wire Cutter.

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