Fabric Calculator

3-Sided Sail Shades

Unit of Measurement
A. Side 1 -- Longest Side (?)
Seams will run parallel to this side.
B. Next Longest Side     inches
C. Shortest Side       inches
Hem (?)
Finished width of the hem. Usually 2 inches (50 mm).
Fabric Width (?)
Actual width of fabric (often 46, 54, 60, or 150 inches -- 1168, 1372, 1524 or 3810 mm)
Quantity (?)
How many sail shades with these dimensions?

List of Materials:

List of Materials
For sail corners which are acute angles select a triangle ring. For sail corners which are right or obtuse angles, select a round ring or a D-ring with bar.
List of Materials2 (?)
The number required will depend upon the turnbuckles and mounting hardware selected.
List of Materials3