The Sailrite Fabric Calculator

Hobbled Roman Shades

Unit of Measurement inches cm
A. Finished Shade Width (?)
Intended width of the finished shade. The calculator will add edge allowance to each side and extra width for seam allowance if two or more panels make up the shade width.
B. Finished Shade Length(?)
Vertical length of the finished shade. The calculator will add to this length as necessary to provide for hobbled folds and top and bottom finishing.
Fabric Width (?)
Useable width of fabric (often 46, 54, or 60 inches -- 116.8, 137.2, and 152.4 cm)

Key Dimensions: * The decorative fabric for each shade will be {{data.widthFinal}} {{data.UofM}} wide and {{data.lengthFinal}} {{data.UofM}} long.
* Optional lining for each shade will be {{data.width}} by {{data.lengthFinal - data.bottomAllowance}} {{data.UofM}}.
* There will be {{data.segmentNumber}} segments.
* The top segment will be {{data.topSegment}} {{data.UofM}}.
* The bottom segment will be {{data.bottomSegment}} {{data.UofM}}.
* All other segments will be {{data.segmentDepth}} {{data.UofM}}.
* Add-on for all segments but the bottom one = {{data.addOn}} {{data.UofM}}.
* These segments with Hobble add-on will be {{data.segmentDepth + data.addOn}} {{data.UofM}}.
* There will be {{data.liftLines}} lift lines.
* Each lift line will be offset {{data.liftLineOffset}} {{data.UofM}}. One inch (2.54 cm) edge margins.
* Allowance for facing or hem at bottom = {{data.bottomAllowance}} {{data.UofM}}.
* Allowance at top edge for finishing = {{data.topAllowance}} {{data.UofM}}.
* Allowance for finishing edges = {{data.edgeAllowance}} {{data.UofM}}.

List of Materials: Decorative Fabric Required {{data.rollLength}} {{data.UofM}} or {{data.yards}} yards.
Optional lining fabric {{data.quantity}} pieces {{data.lengthFinal - data.bottomAllowance}} by {{data.width}} {{data.UofM}}.
Lift cord shroud tape {{data.liftLineLength}} {{data.UofM}} or {{data.liftLineLengthFeet}} feet.
1/4 inch Seamstick for canvas (Item #129) {{data.seamStick}} roll.
V-30 or V-46 Thread from Sailrite.
{{data.liftLines * data.quantity}} brass rings
Plastic rib material {{(data.segmentNumber - 1) * data.quantity}} lengths each {{data.width}} {{data.UofM}} long
Cord lock {{data.quantity}} each
{{data.liftLines * data.quantity}} screw eyes
Grosgrain polyester binding {{data.liftLines * data.quantity * data.segmentNumber * data.UofMScale}} {{data.UofM}}
{{data.width * data.quantity}} {{data.UofM}} Velcro.
{{data.quantity}} head rail board(s) {{data.width}} x 3/4 inch (2.0 cm) x 1 inch (2.54 cm)
{{data.quantity}} weight bar(s) {{data.width}} {{data.UofM}} long

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