Fabric Calculator

Sleeve-Ribbed Roman Shades

Sleeve-Ribbed Roman Shade Illustration
Unit of Measurement
A. Width (?)
The finished shade width.
B. Height (?)
The finished shade height.
Fabric Width (?)
How wide is the desired fabric?
Rib Diameter (?)
The diameter of the ribs that will be inserted in each rib pocket. Usually .25 inches (8 mm).
Quantity  (?)
Total number of shades with these dimensions.
Vertical Repeat (?)
The vertical repeat of a patterned fabric. Needed if quantity is greater than one or curtain width exceeds fabric width. Decimals are permitted.
Desired Rough Height of Folded Stack (?)
A rough indication of the desired depth of the top-most fold in the shade--the "valance". The actual depth of this fold as well as the total stack height of the retracted shade will vary due to rounding and depending upon battens and hardware used. The calculated default is our recommendation (we think that it will result in the best looking shade -- the best balance between height and fold depth) but it can be modified if desired.

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